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The violin is only an instrument.
Feel free to enjoy the violin.
This app will help your violin playing.
This app supports your sense of sound and pitch.

[Reference pitch]

The reference frequency can be set from 430Hz to 450Hz every 2Hz.

[Tuner and Teacher]

You can choose the tuner function and the teacher function.
The teacher will point out the sound of your performance is good, high or low.
There are very tough teacher, relatively calm teacher, and less enthusiastic teacher.

[Noise generation function]

If the sound of your performance is high or low, you will be informed by noise.
You can stop the noise.

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enjoyTheViolin INFORMATION

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enjoyTheViolin Tuner

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enjoyTheViolin Teacher choice

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enjoyTheViolin Play High

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enjoyTheViolin Play Good

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enjoyTheViolin Play Low

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